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Canada Education Visa prides itself on facilitating the highest quality service for a Student process from the start to finish Canada. Whenever you need us we are just a contact away.

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Canada Education Visa listens to our students and understands that each student is an individual and requires a custom solution for his short term studies or long term permanent residency.

Budget Friendly

In comparison to most of our competitors our pricing is unmatched. If you can prove anybody is providing the service for less, please bring proof and we will match it.

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CanadaEducationVisa is a student placement business based out of Toronto, Ontario in Canada. We provide educational institutions with top of the line international students from highly reputable educated cities across the globe through the Canadian Student Direct Stream program.

CanadaEducationVisa believes there is currently a gap holding back the Canadian market from reaching its full potential. CanadaEducationVisa feels that with the help of international students, this gap can be filled. This gap is a result of the rise of vacancies in the job field due to a lack of specialized employees, retiring baby boomers, and lack of experience. As a solutions-oriented company, CanadaEducationVisa is looking to fill these gaps with international students, thus diversifying and helping make the Canadian market superior.

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Student Migration

CanadaEducationVisa will assist in helping students settle into their new homes and cities……..

Student Coaching

CanadaEducationVisa provides experienced knowledge from staff members to help coach incoming international students to success.

Professional Development

CanadaEducationVisa will provide students with resources and knowledge in order to help them develop their skills and build their assets.

Canadian Studies

CanadaEducationVisa will provide students with a basic background and history of Canadian culture……


CanadaEducationVisa will assist in helping international students find a comfortable new home.

Personal Development

CanadaEducationVisa provides life coaching and guidance services for students to use for their personal growth.

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What our clients say?

Asif Mohammedfrom Karachi

I am currently studying in Canada thanks to Canada Education Visa!

Ali Javedfrom Lahore

I am in my second year in studies in Canada now. This has been the most beautiful experience in my life to be able to study in Canada.

Farah Jaffryfrom Islamabad

I am so happy, my dear friends at Canada Education Visa Helped me to leave Pakistan to Advance my studies and also get work experience.

Aliya Shafiqfrom Karachi

I am would have never imagined i would study in Canada, let alone become a permanent resident.

Waqas Qazifrom Lahore

At first i was a little scared of making such a big step. Canada Education Visa guided me step by step and made Canada feel like home.

Liaq Ahmedfrom peshawar

Canada Education Visa has been a God send for me!

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