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CanadaEducationVisa is a student placement business based out of Toronto, Ontario in Canada. We provide educational institutions with top of the line international students from highly reputable educated cities across the globe through the Canadian Student Direct Stream program.

Our team has built a substantial network and has made key connections to assist in expanding our pool of students to create this opportunity.

CanadaEducationVisa believes there is currently a gap holding back the Canadian market from reaching its full potential. CanadaEducationVisa feels that with the help of international students, this gap can be filled. This gap is a result of the rise of vacancies in the job field due to a lack of specialized employees, retiring baby boomers, and lack of experience. As a solutions-oriented company, CanadaEducationVisa is looking to fill these gaps with international students, thus diversifying and helping make the Canadian market superior.

We work with admissions teams, front offices, and faculty staff members to determine what is required to maximize the success of both parties.

CanadaEducationVisa is different from its competitors as we provide one on one and group seminars, host parent meetings, provide virtual tours of Canada, and most importantly we provide students with comfort and trust.

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